After researching for a few months to find the marketing and advertising plan that
would suit my business I ran across Neighborhood Flyers! Going into this, I didn't
know what kind of results I would have but at the end of the distribution of 10,000 I
can say that it paid for itself and the BEST part about it, I got new customers in the
door and will continue to get them as returning customers. As a small business, it’s
very important to support other small businesses in the area. Neighborhood Flyers
is the business to use if you are looking for flyers to be distributed in the area of
your business. Charles the owner is fabulous; he is the key player in it all. He
stands by his word and updates the client on how many flyers went out per day.
He is loyal to his business and yours! Thanks for all that you have done for me!
Appreciate you!
Thank you,

Liz Illg
Puff & Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting

5835 N 16th St # D & E
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Shop: (602) 266-5360 (TEXT OK)

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